Become a Seller

Selling your products/services on If you are interested in selling your products/services via thimame this can easily be done when signing into your account on has an initiative called Entrepreneurial Support Initiative (ESI) and belongs to the social mission of and is sponsored by One Terrene International.

As has warehouses in different EU locations. We do not stock items for third party sellers, however, we do allow you to set up your own store on The procedure is simple and can be set up in a few simple steps.


  • Sign In or Log In to your account here If you cannot sign in it means you need to register first. Registration is Free and very easy to complete.
  • Go to My Account on and click on My Seller Account, you will be redirected to apply to Become a Seller.
  • After that, you will receive confirmation emails and you will be able to set up your shop! 
  • Add your products and start selling!


• Setting up your own shop is free, simply go to your account page and sign up for a seller account. Once you complete your application it will be reviewed and if successful your stop will be set up.

• If you need help setting up your store and different elements there could be a charge for this based on the work required

• There will be a commission on every sale paid to, this is agreed on a case to case basis before your shop is activated and is reviewed annually.


• Take advantage of’s advertising at no extra cost to you

• All customers will be able to view and buy your products.

• Independent Dashboard for you to add and remove products

• Set your own selling price

• Become your own boss

• Use of established online store model, simply add your products and start selling

• Customers can contact your directly

• All email templates are already set up, you don’t need to do anything

• Your shop can be up and running in a few hours (working hours)


Important Information:

• reserves the right to disallow the sale of products if it deems unsafe, inappropriate or if the products and/or services do not comply with the policies of

• The sale of tobacco and alcoholic beverages is not allowed.

• reserves the right to close a store if it does not adhere to policies without prior notice.



Q. How do I become a seller?

A. Very easy simple steps. Sign In/Log In to your account and go to My Account 


Q. Why are my products not shown instantly?

A. For some shops, we have a restriction to approve all items added to stores. This is normally done with new shops in order to ensure that the products added to meet the standards of



Q. How do I get paid?

A. There are many ways that you can use your money earned from your shop. You can request a withdrawal and get paid into your PayPal account, directly to your bank account or you can convert your earnings to vouchers and use them on Please note that charges may apply for Paypal and Bank transfers of funds. This is explained in your agreement with us.


Q: I noticed that ships worldwide, I can only ship to Italy, what must I do?

A. You can set up where you ship in your Dashboard, where you will select only the countries you deliver too. If someone wants delivery from another country the shop will not allow it.


Q. How can a customer contact me?

A. There is contact the seller button on all your products, any client can contact you directly from there. Clients can also contact you from your shop page. You can set all of this us in your Dashboard.


Q. Can I use the shipping carriers that are currently on

A. No. Our carriers have automated costs that calculate the shipping cost based on the warehouse the items are shipped from and the product weight and dimensions, so they won’t be able to calculate the correct shipping costs for your products. You can set up your own carriers from your Dashboard.


Q. Can I add my product to more than one category?

A. Yes, you can, but please only select relevant categories for your products. If your products are listed in categories that are not correct for the product, the product will be removed.


Q. Must I charge V.A.T.?

A. Although you are selling your products, the legal entity making the sale is so the shop will use our VAT system and charge VAT accordingly. You will not pay VAT and will not be charged VAT on your sales. We will pay the VAT to the government accordingly.


Q. I am not VAT registered, what should I do?

A. We are VAT registered so you don’t need to worry about VAT, we will handle this.


Q. I can’t seem to find the right category to add my products to

A. If you can’t find a category suitable for your products just send us a mail and we will create the category for you. Remember you can add the product to more than one category, but please make sure you select ONLY relevant categories for your products.