Who are we?

About Us

Our Company

Thimame.com was created to help us remember those special occasions that seem to skip our minds while we are busy with our daily lives.  How many times have you forgotten a birthday or an anniversary?  Well with Thimame.com you won't forget again. 

The second objective of Thimame.com is to help young up-and-coming businesses promote their products.  We support local businesses and young people with new venture ideas, while still ensuring you get quality products and services. 

You can add as many friends and family members as you like, and we will remind you of their special events and occasions.  Simply fill in their name, their date of birth, and any other dates you want to be reminded of, and we will do the rest.  We might even add some special occasions like name days and other international dates for these people for you, and that's it, leave the rest up to us.  You will receive an email notification reminding you of all these events at intervals that you request, thus allowing you enough time to get them the perfect gift and to wish them on these special occasions.

Not only will remind you of the occasion, but we have handpicked a selection of gifts at very competitive prices just for your loved ones.  Have a look at all the offers we have and let us take care of all the hassle for you.  We will ensure that your gift is delivered to your loved ones on time, and they will know it is from you.  You can even write a personalised message to them.  

There are some free items as well, allowing you to send your wishes to people without having to spend any money at all.

Our Promise to you:

  • Top-quality products
  • Best customer service
  • On-time delivery
  • We won't let you forget your loved ones.

Free Services offered on Thimame.com:

Thimame.com has some amazing features that you can use for free with your account. 

Great Offers and Gift ideas:

We constantly update our products and services, so visit our site often to see some amazing offers.  We handpick the gifts in our store to ensure quality and excellent customer satisfaction for all products we sell.  Some products are on special offer and have limited quantities so make sure you don’t miss out.

If you find something you like and it is out of stock, simply click on “Notify me when available” on the product page and we will send you a message once the product is back in stock so that you can be the first to get it before stock runs out again.

Our team

We have a dedicated team that will assist you in any way possible, a team of people just like you and me. We create amazing collections of items,  which are unique, and the best thing about thimame.com is that all net proceeds go to co-fund youth, research and adult educational programs for skills development, entrepreneurship and employability.  If you are looking for something and cannot find it, send us a message and we will look for it, and try to get it at the best price and in a timely fashion for you.