Social Mission was created as part of a social enterprise project under the Community Priority of  OTI Group,  to help young entrepreneurs and people gain entrepreneurial skills and develop these skills to help them become independent and start or run their own businesses.  Every time you purchase something on you are contributing to youth & adult education programmes, so thank you for your support. 

The store is managed by a group of professionals and allows young people to be involved in daily tasks, thus creating employment opportunities for youth all over the EU.

All proceeds from contribute to educational projects offered to youth and adults for free (or a small fee) in a variety of fields with the main focus being entrepreneurial learning, and developing soft skills and digital skills,  to name a few.

Proceeds also contribute to community projects which include, environmental & current affairs campaigns and actions, the funding of small infrastructure projects for local communities, and providing educational materials and courses for youth, adults and elderly people.

If you are located in the EU and have a cause that you or your organisation/entity believes needs support, get in contact with us and we will work together and collaborate on future projects to build a better future!