Q. How can I add my reminders?

A. Simply log in to your account then go to your account.  Click on My Reminders and add as many reminders as you want.  You can also change the settings of how often you want your reminders.  You can add and remove as many reminders as you want.

Q. Why do I see reminders for other occasions?

A.  As a service to you we add name days, and other important holidays/occasions to your reminders for your loved ones.  If you no longer want to receive reminders for these extra occasions simply log in to your account and remove them

Q.  How can I pay?

A.  We have three options to pay, you can Pay Cash on delivery, this means you can pay at the depot or when the items are delivered to you.  You can also Pay by bank transfer, once you complete your order you will receive our bank details, please remember to use your order reference number when you make a deposit or bank transfer.  The third option is to pay with your credit card, we use the JCC gateway.  You will be directed to a secure JCC site for you to enter you card information and once your payment is approved you will be directed back to our site where your order will be finalised.  It’s that simple.

Q.  Why can’t I make a card?

A.  You need to be signed in to create a card.  Even for free cards you need to be signed in.  You will add the card to your cart and check out normally even with a zero-cart value.  Once you have finalised the order you will be able to download, email or post your card.

Q.  Where can I select the dates for my flights?

A.  Flights are booked for any dates in the month you have selected.  Once you have completed the purchase, we will pass your information to the airline and then send you a voucher.  You will then need to call the airline and book any dates you want in that given month.  (this is subject to availability of flights on those dates).

Q.  Where can I select the dates for my hotel?

A.  Hotel Getaways are booked for any dates in the month you have selected.  Once you have completed the purchase, we will pass your information to the hotel and then send you a voucher.  You will then need to call the hotel and book any dates you want in that given month.  (this is subject to availability on those dates).

Q. Can I change the date of my flight/hotel booking?

A.  You can select the dates only within the month you have booked.  If you want to change the dates to a different month, then you might need to pay a fee to the supplier (airline or hotel).  These are the rules we have for the offers we sell.

Q. I saw a bouquet of flowers that I want to send to someone in Limassol but it is only listed in Nicosia, how can I send that bouquet to Limassol.
A.  The suppliers for flowers and plants are based in different cities and are only able to deliver in those cities.  If you want a specific bouquet from a different city please contact us and we will try to arrange delivery for you in another city.

Q.  Some orders say delivery 2 – 10 days.  How long would it take for my order to arrive?

A.  We try to have all orders delivered in 2 days from payment.  Depending on our suppliers, some suppliers require more time to deliver the items to us and this is why we have such a window for delivery.  If you want something delivered on a specific date, please contact us in advance and we will tell you if the item can be delivered on that date.

Q. I want a product that is out of stock, how can I order it?

A.  We have limited quantities of the items we have on sale.  If there is a product that is out of stock and you are interested in the product, simply click on “notify me when available” and you will receive a notification once that item is back in stock.

Q.  I would like to suggest a product; how can I do that?

A.  We listen to our customers and all the products on our site come from suggestions from people just like you.  Simply contact us with your suggestions and we will try to find that product for you.

Q. I received a voucher, how can I use it?

A.  You can find all your vouchers in the “My Vouchers” section in My Account menu, simply copy the code and enter it before check out, the amount will be deducted from your order total.  If your order total is less than the voucher value then a new voucher will be issued for the balance of your voucher so that you can use it the next time you shop with us.

Q.  Can I buy a voucher for Thimame.com for someone as a gift?

A.  Yes you can.Once you buy a voucher you can print or email it to a friend.

Q. I want to buy a Spa voucher for a friend, how long is the voucher valid for?

A.  In most cases our vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase.  However, some suppliers have a different validity, in this case it will be clearly stated in the product description.

Q.  How does the referral program work?

A.  We offer our valued customers a referral program which allows them to invite their friends to join our site.  You can invite up to 10 friends to join our site.  Each one of your friends will receive a voucher for €5 when they make a purchase from our site, and for every order placed by your friends you will also receive a voucher of €5 for each of your friends that have completed an order from our site.

Q.  Can I reserve a product on the site?

A.  No.  We offer the best prices for all the items listed on our site and only have a limited quantity of each product.  When there are less than 5 items left in stock it will be displayed on the site so that you can decide before they are out of stock?

Q.  I placed an order and received an email afterwards saying it is out of stock, how is this possible?

A.  This happens vary rarely on our site.  What must have happened is that two people placed an order for the same item at the same time and it was the last item in stock.  In such a case we will try to get more stock to honour your order, but this might cause some delays.  If we are unable to find more of the product for you we will issue a refund voucher to you.

Q.  I am ordering for a company can I get a VAT invoice for my order?

A.  You will receive a VAT invoice for all orders placed on our site.  You also have the option to fill in your company details so that the invoice is issued in the name of your company.

Q. I have more than 1 address, how can I add more addresses for delivery?

A.  You can add as many addresses as you want from the “My Account” section and select which address you would like delivery to during check out

Q.  I want to buy a gift for my sister who lives in Pafos, can you deliver to her directly?

A.  Yes.  Simply add her address to your addresses and select that as the delivery address during check out and we will deliver to your selected address for you.

Q.  I want to buy a gift for my friend in London, can you deliver it to London for me?

A.  No, we only deliver our products to Cyprus.

Q.  I live in Greece and want to create an account to send gifts to my friends in Cyprus, can I?

A.  Yes, you can.  We can only deliver to Cyprus so make sure you have their address in the delivery address and we will arrange delivery of your order directly to them.  Please note for overseas client we only accept credit and debit card orders.

Q.  I have imported all my friends from Facebook and have set reminders for some of them.  Will they also receive emails from your site?

A. No.  We will never contact any of your friends or family members, the reminders are only sent to you if and when you request them.

Q.  When placing an order today, I noticed an item in my basket and it said gift, I did not add this product, what is going on?

A.  When you purchase some items we automatically give you a free gift, this is part of a promotion and it only applies to some products, this item will automatically be added to your cart and you will not be charged for it, it is a gift from us to say thank you for your purchase.

Q.  My friend invited me to join your site and the email said I will get a €5 voucher, how can I claim this voucher.

A.  Your friend invited you as part of our referral program.  Once you create your account with us and make your first purchase from us, you will find your voucher in the “My Account” section, simply copy the voucher code and put it into your cart at checkout in the voucher area and the discount will be applied to your order.